Selected online

How Yassmin Abdel-Magied held up a mirror to White Australia
Meine Anzeige für einen WG-Platz im Badezimmer ging viral
Is faux fur a bigger faux pas than we thought?
When will we stop and realise the West have the bloodiest hands of all?
Sorry, but Kylie Jenner IS a self-made billionaire
Interview: RL Grime
Interview: Wiz Khalifa
Interview: Seekae
6 Sides of Steve McQueen
Puma Presents: First Steps with Ben Clement
Starter Pack: 24 hours in Porto, Portugal’s forgotten gem
Interview: PURPLE
Interview: Mr. Carmack
Interview: Bei Badgirl for Hype DC
Review: FOMO Festival Brisbane

Selected print

ACCLAIM Magazine:
Daisy Watson, interview
Rita Lino, interview
K L A R, interview and photography
Ben Aitken, interview and photography

INDIE Magazine:
Patrick Mason x Ray-Ban Studios, sponsored editorial