Georgia Sheales is a freelance Australian writer and visual artist currently residing in Berlin.

Her visual work explores the nuances of emotion, as she attempts to bridge the gap between the visual and cognitive elements of her images. Hence, most of her work depicts the subject in a kind of calm isolation. “Quietness” is a word which she often associates with her work – she aims to capture a “moment between moments” – something which is too frequently lost in our fast-paced world. She works in mixed mediums such as photography, videography, embroidery, collage and more.

As a writer, Georgia has a keen interest in popular culture—especially music, art and fashion— as well as social issues and political commentary. She also has considerable experience in sponsored editorial campaigns. Georgia has worked extensively for publications both online and in print, such as ACCLAIM Magazine, Limit’d by Hype DC and INDIE Magazine in Berlin.

To purchase/commission written or visual works, please email.

As I am a freelance writer, promotional requests are unfortunately not possible.


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